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Anthony Pettis misses weight for UFC 206

Sometimes you get the feeling that an event may be cursed, and UFC 206 is certainly looking that way!

First we lost the main event between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson, due to an injury sustained by DC, now the new main event between Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis may no longer be for the UFC Interim Featherweight Title.

After the news came out that DC was injured, and his bout with Rumble Johnson for the UFC light-Heavyweight title was off, the UFC brass took it upon themselves to make sure that we still had a title fight for the penultimate PPV of the year.

Steps were taken, first off Conor McGregor was stripped of his 145lb title, then interim champ Jose Aldo was made full champion (if that’s a thing?!) and the match up between Holloway and Pettis was for the interim belt.

But at the weigh-ins in Toronto this morning, Pettis weighed in at 3lbs over weight. Now for normal fights he would be given an hour to lose the weight, and could have even weighed in at 146lbs and the fight would still co ahead! but because this is a championship bout, he had to weigh in at 145lbs dead!

This leaves the UFC with a couple of options:

  1. The fight goes ahead, but no belt is on the line! which seems the more likely outcome.
  2. They have a UFC 200 type move around, as people will remember, from the news breaking of Jon Jones failing a USADA test to the Saturday night, there were in fact 3 different main events.
  3. They call the fight of completely, which isn’t out of the realms of possibility, but with 24 hours until the event seems highly unlikely. Which would see Cerrone vs Brown as the new Main Event.
  4. This one could be a shot in the dark, but fight goes ahead, but Max Holloway gets an automatic shot at Jose Aldo.

With no update from the UFC or the Toronto Athletics Commission as of yet, who knows what will happen, but I think we can safely say that UFC 206 will not have a title fight, but because its still a main event, Holloway vs Pettis will still be 5 rounds.

And with Valerie Letoureau and Rustam Khabilov also missing weight, but both bouts are prelim fights all the attention will be on Pettis, and the fact that with his second fight back in the 145lb division, he misses weight and puts a title fight in jeopardy.

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