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Could UFC taking BAMMA fighters be a good thing?

Understandably the UFC are the biggest promotion in the MMA world, with the fan base, the money and most importantly the talent pool to back it up. But how to they keep adding to that talent pool.

When UFC President Dana White started the idea of looking for a fight, it seemed a good idea, going to local shows and picking who they thought were the most talented and who could fit into the UFC mold. The show itself did produce two stand outs in Sage Northcutt and Mickey Gall, but once they have exhausted the idea, even though it is in its second series, where do they look then for talent, maybes further afield.

Well if the UFC’s latest signings are anything to go by, it looks like the promotion are paying a lot of attention to possibly the biggest promotion in Europe……BAMMA.

In the past few months the UFC have taken some of BAMMA’s biggest stars, with Marc Diakiese signing and then debuting at UFC 204 in Manchester last October, that then followed with the signings of Light-Heavyweight Paul Craig, and Heavyweight and former BAMMA champion Mark Godbeer.

This week it was also announced that the UFC have delved into the deep BAMMA talent pool yet again and signed possibly the next big thing in Frenchman Tom Duquesnoy.

With these signing’s not only does it deepen the UFC roster, and with signing more European fighters could possibly give them a wider viewing spectrum, with fans of the fighters following them to the big show, but could it be a hindrance to BAMMA themselves.

Also with the partnership with Bellator, where BAMMA events are help directly before Bellator PPV’s, essentially acting as their prelims, it does put the BAMMA roster in front of a more worldwide fan base, and signing ex-UFC stars like Norman Parke will help.

But is BAMMA essentially a draft pool for the UFC?

The talent pool that BAMMA can boast has some of the best fighters in Britain, as well as Europe. But will the success of Marc Diakiese and Paul Craig, and the rave reviews Mark Godbeer gets, although is UFC debut didn’t go as well as Craig and Diakiese, also the acquisition of Duquesnoy encourage the UFC top brass to delve into BAMMA’s ranks once more?

BAMMA have some amazing fighters, with the likes of Brendan Loughnane, Kane Mousah, Rick Selvarajah, Jack McGann and Shay Walsh just to name a few, the British promotion has some of th best up and coming talent.

Yes it is a boost to the fighters when the UFC come calling, but losing anymore big time players for BAMMA could put the promotion on the back burner as regards talent. To find a talented individual in a sport that has thousands of professionals all over the world, let alone a talented group the likes of BAMMA have built up over the years is no mean task.

That’s the pessimistic way of looking for it……….UFC pick what they want, BAMMA suffers, but BAMMA haven’t gotten as big as they have just relying on one group of talent.

The fact that the UFC are hand picking their fighters and the deal with Bellator, could be a major boost for the company. Not only are they doing regular shows in Ireland, and appearing with the Bellator brand, the fact that the UFC are knocking on the door, could help British and European fighters decide, to get the exposure they want, BAMMA is definitely the place to be, to further a career, or even to make their career.

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