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Could the NSAC take Marijuana of the Banned list?

There are many substances on the banned list that can give fighters the upper hand, and to some degree you could argue that the fact they are on the list, they could all give fighters an advantage in both their fights and in training.

The big debate has always been around Marijuana, and whether it really affects a fighter. Well the Nevada State Athletic Commission are jumping in on the argument, well they plan to.

The NSAC have a meeting planned for Friday 13th January, in which they will discuss the possibility of taking Marijuana of the banned substances list. A drug that along with many other states, the state of Nevada actually legalized back in November.

However, although the NSAC may look at taking Marijuana of the board of banned substances, USADA, who do all the out of competition and in competition testing for the UFC, still have anything cannabis related on their banned lists.

This could be a step forward, to a place where fighters that actually enjoy having the odd joint, will be able to do so recreationally, and this could please none other than the Diaz brothers. Nick Diaz was famously suspended for 5 years by the NSAC after failing a test for cannabis. A ban that after much scrutiny from fighters and fans alike was dropped to 18 months, and now makes Nick eligible to fight again in the UFC.

His brother Nate during the press conference after his loss to Conor McGregor, was seen vaping cannabis oil. Cowboy Donald Cerrone even said during a Q&A during fight week that when he is out of camp he likes the odd joint.

Cub Swanson even got in on the debate on Twitter stating that, he doesn’t know any fighter who would care if his opponent was on marijuana.


Could a move by the NSAC to remove marijuana from its lists, also pave the way for organizations like USADA and WADA to follow suit and look at the possibility of taking Marijuana of its list of banned substances when it tests fighters, only time will tell. And will the NSAC actually follow suit with the state of Nevada and scratch it from the list.

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