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Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw to Coach new season of TUF

Last night during UFC Fight Night in Phoenix, UFC commentator Jon Anik dropped the news about the next season of The Ultimate Fighter.

It seems the next season will be called ‘Redemption’ where former contestants of the TUF series will compete, including one fighter who is already on the UFC roster.

It was also confirmed that the coaches for the new season would be Cody ‘No Love’ Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw.

And in all fairness, it was probably the announcement of the coaches that got people more excited. Since Garbrandt defeated Dominik Cruz for he UFC Bantamweight title at 207 at the end of last year, most people were asking when will we get to see Garbrandt and Dillashaw go at each other.

It isn’t really a secret that Dillashaw and Garbrandt are exactly on each other’s Christmas card list, all stemming from when Dillashaw turned his back on Team Alpha Male and went to train in Denver at team Elevation.  And who can forget an altercation between Grabrandt and Conor Mcgregor on a previous season of TUF, when McGregor called Dillashaw a ‘snake in the grass’!

And after two grueling wins over Raphael Assuncao at UFC 200, and John Lineker at UFC 207 seems to have done enough to give TJ a shot at reclaiming his title that he lost to the returning Dominik Cruz almost a year ago.

As for the cast of the actual series, no details were given out as to which weight division would be competing, and no doubt rumours will be flying round as to who the current UFC fighter could be, my gut reaction was it could possibly be CM Punk.

However, a report in champions.co, are actually stating it could be a welterweight division, with Joe Stephenson one of the names rumoured to be on the list, along with Eddie Gordon, Zak Cummings and Hayder Hussan to name a few.

But even though it is old combatants on previous TUF seasons, I think it highly unlikely we will see Forrest Griffin or Matt Serra, or any other legend that has participated in the reality show, making a comeback to the UFC Octagon, but you never know with MMA.

No doubt more details will be released by the UFC in due time, but with April looking like a possible date t start filming, it could be that the Final will be held during the annual Fight Week in Las Vegas.

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