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Are the UFC missing a trick with Middleweight Title Picture?

When news broke that Georges St-Pierre announced he was making a come back to the octagon, many people, myself included were excited about the possibilities. Especially with the depth of talent in the welterweight division, there were dreams of a GSP vs Maia, or even a match against the returning Nick Diaz.

But when news broke that Rush would step up to Middleweight, and face current champion Michael Bisping, a lot of people were left thinking…..’what??’

After all you have, a legend, but also someone who hasn’t competed in four years, stepping over an entire division, one in which he has never competed, and gained an automatic title shot. A shot which in the eyes of UFC match makers, it seems at least, jumps him above many other deserving fighters.

However the British champion may have thrown a welcome spanner into the works, by this week saying that if GSP isn’t ready by the summer he will face Yoel Romero.

This could come as welcome news, as when Romero beat hometown boy Chris Weidman in New York last year, it was assumed by many that he would get the automatic title shot, against the champion who first won the title from Luke Rockhold, and managed to get some revenge over retiring legend Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson.

But as it is with anything to do with the UFC just lately, the Middleweight title picture took another twist this week, as welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has also called out Bisping.

But with all this go around, who is facing who and when, are the UFC missing a trick here?

Lets look at this logically. You have a middleweight champion, who is willing to face the #2 ranked middleweight fighter, and a welterweight champion that is looking for a fight, with a welterweight legend coming back and looking at a title fight for his return.

Granted when the Bisping vs GSP match was announced, it did come before we knew the outcome of the second Woodley vs Thompson title fight. But with a likely fight looking possible for fight week in July, could the powers that be have waited to announce the fight.

Even though that title fight was met with a lot of differing opinions about who won the match, with a majority of people swinging towards Wonderboy, it was Woodley that walked away with the belt. A new test for the defending champ against the legend that is GSP could have been the way to go after two very close title fights.

With the dates for UFC’s annual fight week being announced, an announcement that seems to have just passed a lot of people by, imagine if they had pinned that with a GSP return.

The fact that GSP is also experienced at welterweight, would also make more sense than stepping up into a division he has never fought in, and step straight into a title fight. A potential match up between one of Canada’s finest, would have given Woodley a different type of match-up compared to his two against Thompson, and would make inherently more sense than the Bisping match.

Which brings me onto the middleweight title. With the possibility of matching Woodley up against GSP, it leaves two players in this little fight merry-go-round, in the shapes of Bisping and Romero.

This is the fight many have wanted to see since Romero knocked Weidman out with a devastating knee. A fight that Romero deserves. A fighter that like Bisping has worked his way up through the rankings, beating some of the best on his way to earning a title shot.

Instead what we have is another ‘money’ fight, which at the minute we don’t even know when it will happen, another champion wanting to step up a weight division to face another champion, and a genuine contender left in the dark.

The UFC needs to get away from these money fights, and get back to making the right fights, i.e Woodley vs GSP and Bisping vs Romero, after all they made and built a company on making the right fights!

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