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Making The Walk: Luke Holle

While I was covering an event in Lincoln, Nebraska last December I was introduced to an amateur fighter making his debut inside the Dynasty Combat Sports cage. His name was Luke Holle, well within the first round Luke landed a superman punch that was less than perfect knocking out his opponent. The crowd was pleased, as this was one of the more impressive finishes of the night.

Luke Holle will be making his next walk to the cage at the Dynasty Combat Sports Spring Brawl V. I got the chance to catch up with Luke for a brief interview at the weigh ins for this event.

GB: Before competing in MMA, did you practice in any other mixed martial art?

LH: Wrestling, I wrestled out of Crete High School.

GB: What made you want to compete in MMA?

LH: I’ve always been an athlete and MMA was my next opportunity. Once I started training I loved it immediately.

GB: What gym do you train out of?

LH: I train here in Lincoln at Pinnacle Sports and Fitness Team Viper. I have been training with them for little over a year.

GB: How was your camp in preparation for this fight, and how long was the duration?

LH: It was a rough camp, it was 8 weeks and I had suffered a couple injuries. In a way it was a blessing the injuries kept me for working to hard and getting burned out. I feel good now, I feel fresh, and I am ready to go.

GB: Since your debut what have you been working on for your next opponent?

LH:  More head movement, working my foot work. Cutting angles looking for different openings. I spent quite a lot of time with my muay thai coach on my stand up and striking.

GB: So with a win in your next bout you have been told you could be fighting for the amatuer title next. With your amatuer career progressing when do you see yourself going pro?

LH: I look at my professional career very seriously, I’m new to this sport and have a ways to go yet. I don’t plan on fighting as much as some of the other guys. I want to be fully prepared to take on my next bout 100%. We will see how it goes, maybe take another year. I don’t want to take any risks in this game.



Luke Holle after his debut win at the Dynasty Combat Sports: Seasons Beating event December 2016

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