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Dynasty Combat Sports: Spring Brawl V Event Recap

It was a night for champions as three title fights were held April 1st, in Lincoln Nebraska at the Pinnacle Back Arena. Dynasty Combat Sports presented quite a night full of entertainment for MMA fans to debut the next breakout fighters to showcase their skills inside the cage. With soldout tables surrounding the cage the audience really got their moneys worth.

The event kicked off with eleven amateur bouts. Three of those bouts had debuting fighters ready to make a statement in their first ever MMA match. While it was an exciting event for the fighters making the walk to the cage for the first time, only one fighter was unfortunate in his debut.

Here are the results from this event fight by fight!

17634323_1415335465156143_912420972589913903_n.jpgBrett Holmberg vs. Jorge Lazaro

Brett Holmberg ended this fight in the first round via guillotine choke after a quick flurry taking it to the ground.

David Bykrek.jpg David Bykrek vs. Gavin Deponte

Gavin Deponte stepped inside the cage ready to make his debut against David Bykrek (pictured above). Standing toe to toe with David it was a strong right hook that sent Gavin to the mat within the first 10 seconds of the first round. That extended the 6 year golden glove boxing veteran’s MMA record to 2-0. Even though it was Gavin’s MMA debut and it didn’t go his way, his willingness to stand and trade makes him an exciting fighter to see come back stronger.

17757323_1415334038489619_2041316341089496549_n.jpgBen Roberts vs. Zach Madsen

The second fighter of the night to make his debut was Zach Madsen (pictured above). Zach made quick work in his first MMA bout winning the match up against Ben Roberts taking the victory via rear naked choke in the very first round.

17757257_1415334795156210_339217837206146206_n.jpgJonathan Solorzano vs. Conner Jorgensen

This fight was a back and forth match up that had Conner Jorgensen looking for an opening to make his move. Conner was taking shots while on the mat looking for a submission, He had Jonathan Solorzano in a tough place in the first, but that didn’t stop him from raining strikes until Conner slipped his shoulder pulling him into an armbar submission to take home the victory.

17630129_1415334478489575_8708507653985636269_n.jpgRandy Rathbun vs. Kody Oltman

This was the first fight of the night where both men fought to a decision. It was a tough fight as they went the distance of three rounds but overall it was Randy Rathbun that took home the win.

17630060_1415334585156231_6568128175708683179_n.jpgDrew Plugge vs. Kyle Smallfoot

Another match up that went the distance was Drew Plugge vs. Kyle Smallfoot. With strikes landing from both men, neither one was going to back down. They went the distance in fashion until the final bell of the third round with Plugge raising his hand in victory over Smallfoot.

17629919_1415335125156177_2783614294366363743_n.jpgAustin Gowen vs. Lucas Schneider

Austin Gowen is the third and final fighter of the night to make his debut. Taking the first round to look for openings from both competitors the round came to an end. Early in the second things picked up where Austin was in a position where he could finish the fight, and he did just that via armbar.


17499484_1415335411822815_7872519711953576237_n.jpgPatrick Taylor vs. Jack Freriks

Taylor vs. Freriks showcased a very well-rounded ground game from both fighters. With position transitions and submission attempts, these men left it all in the cage as the match went the distance. The bout ultimately came to a decision where Patrick Taylor was victorious.


17757280_1415334961822860_5029373095858942132_n.jpgBayani Seldera vs. Michael Aquila

After a flurry from both men, Seldera put himself in a tough spot in the clinch. His neck was exposed giving Aquila the opportunity for a guillotine choke. The moment Aquila had his arm wrapped around the neck of his opponent he forced Seldara to carry all of his body weight sealing the outcome of the bout midway through the first round.



17629884_1415334205156269_6699608240001816800_n.jpgQuintin Vogt vs. Luke Holle

This match started off strong with both competitors throwing strikes, working angles, and speed. Both fighters were looking for a strike to land that could end the fight in an instant. After an exchange, the fight moved to the ground with Luke Holle on bottom. Quintin Vogt threw strike after strike while Luke stayed composed in the heat of the bout and attempted several submissions giving him the opportunity for the fight to move back to the feet. Quintin fully feeling the effects of the fight began to slow. Luke came at him and started landing strikes that forced Quintin to cover up until the referee had to step in and stop the fight. Luke Holle took home the TKO victory in his second outing over Quintin Vogt.


17553902_1415335115156178_8643836791111309101_n.jpgChris James vs. Haris Talundzic

Chris and Haris were all smiles at the weigh-ins, but the moment these two were face to face there was no love lost. Both men gave it their all. With all three rounds spent, it went to the judge’s decision with Haris Talundzic taking home the win.


17626472_1415335628489460_7412845317782623933_n.jpgMason Teeters vs. Robeil Tesfaldet

The first of three title fights of the night we saw Robeil Tesfaldet defend his amateur title against Mason Teeters. The champion and his opponent took it the distance in this back and forth brawl. Robeil took a shot from Teeters that nearly ended the fight. Robeil was very diligent and recovered making it to the third round. As the final bell rang it went to the judges scorecard that ended up ruling in Robeil Tesfaldet’s favor.


17629612_1415335175156172_2783216263373857574_n.jpg Nate Morrow vs. Anthony Lott

In the second of the three title fights we see an amateur champion vs. champion matchup where interim Featherweight champion Nate Marrow faced off against the Featherweight champion Anthony Lott. Nate Marrow set a pace early that Anthony Lott stuck with throughout the first round. Both champions were determined to unify the belts they currently held. In the second round that is what Nate Morrow accomplished; keeping up the pace set in the first, Anthony could only cover up until the referee was forced to stop the bout.


17626311_1415335048489518_5999633974518323872_n.jpgAj Dobson vs. Seth Bass

This featured pro co-main event was one of the most anticipated fights of the night. It was surely going to be a fight to remember. However within the first round, during a flurry of power strikes from both men, an unintentional eye poke to Seth Bass forced a doctor stoppage, ruling the bout a No Contest.


17634879_1415335538489469_2051755045460190307_n.jpgChance Recountre vs. Brian Monaghan

In this professional Welterweight Title fight we witnessed one of the most exciting fights between two men that were not willing to back down. In the first round, we watched as Brian Monaghan landed strikes that showed why he was the champion, pushing back Chance Recountre. Recountre answered by standing toe to toe, landing strikes that dropped Monaghan, with Recountre trying to finish him early he jumped at the opportunity raining down punches, but Brian would survive to the second round.  The action picked up right where it left off. A cut on Monaghan’s head really began to pour in the second round. Strike after strike continued from both competitors until the bell rang. Midway through the third round, Recountre landed a knee to Monaghan that forced him to drop down, holding his body. Recountre used the opportunity to swarm Monaghan until the referee was forced to stop the contest. With his hands held high, Recountre was named the new welterweight champion.


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