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Sam Alvey Defeats Rashad Evans

The UFC traveled to Mexico City where we got to see “Suga” Rashad Evans (19-6-1) step back into the octagon. Coming off of three consecutive loses, his most recent was to Daniel Kelly back in March at UFC 209. His opponent tonight was Sam “Smile’n” Alvey (30-9) who was coming off of a loss himself in April of this year against Thales Leites at UFC Fight Night 108. This is the fight recap of this bout from Mexico City.

Round 1

Both men meet in the center of the cage, Rashad seemed a little hesitant throwing a leg kick to start off the strikes. Rashad then attempts a takedown forcing Sam up against the cage where he begins to soften Sam Alvey up with body shots but he stays calm. Rashad completes a takedown from the cage at 2:15 left in the first but Alvey manages to get to his feet and circle out to create distance where both men end the round with a flurry at the final bell.

Round 2

The second round started off like the first with Rashad throwing a leg kick to try to keep Sam Alvey guessing but it does not do the trick. Sam Alvey begins to open up some strikes on Rashad forcing him to circle out of danger. Both men continue to look for openings for the better half of the round. With 2 minutes left Rashad was succesful with a takedown but he couldn’t keep Sam Alvey down as he gets back to his feet. Throwing knees from the clinch Sam Alvey was able to loosen up Rashad Evans to get away from the cage. The second round ends with both men looking for shots and Alvey striking at the bell.

Round 3

Rashad Evans comes out with a body shot and a left cross that lands but Sam stays focused, forcing Evans against the cage with strikes but then gets reversed and finds himself against the cage yet again by Evans. Simply backing away from Alvey, Rashad brings this fight to the center of the octagon. Landing a strong right hand with 1:10 left in the 3rd round Rashad attempts another takedown forcing Sam against the cage. After getting out from the cage both men end this round throwing strikes but unfortunately the bell sounds sending this to the judges scorecards.


Sam “Smile’n” Alvey  wins by Split Decision.

Judge 1 29-28 Evans

Judge 2 29-28 Alvey

Judge 3 29-28 Alvey

What Do you think this means for “Suga” Rashad Evans?

Who should Sam “Smile’n” Alvey face next?

Let’s talk fights!



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