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Dynasty Combat Sports: Turf Wars Recap

August 12th was a night to remember for Dynasty Combat Sports as they held their Turf Wars event. The event showcased 3 amateur title fights leading up to the professional main event. It was filled with an undercard that brought fighters into the spot light to show their skills. Here are the fight recaps from this event:

Josh Schiarappa vs. Cole Washburn

This was the very first bout of the evening and it started off with a bang. The first round was filled with strikes and neither man was willing to back down. The fighters kept it standing, looking for the finish until the end of the 1st round. Midway through the 2nd round Josh Schiarappa, threw a strike that landed into his opponent and rocked him, sending him to the mat. Josh then attempted a guillotine choke that Cole Washburn defended and survived to the next round. Coming into the 3rd round, Washburn knew what he needed to do, throwing strikes and earning the takedown, he defeated Josh Schiarappa by TKO stoppage in the third round.

Quintin Vogt vs. Conner Jorgensen

Vogt vs. Jorgensen was a bout of two competitors hungry for a victory. A few seconds after the opening bell, Quintin came in with a flurry of strikes that Conner defended dropping his head and creating an opening for Quintin to attempt a guillotine choke. Forcing Conner to hold all his weight, Quintin wrapped his limbs around Conner’s body to finish the choke. Looking for a way out, Conner Jorgensen dropped to the mat and gained top position where he slipped his head out from the choke and began to ground and pound Quintin Vogt until the referee had no choice but to stop the bout.

Brandon Trout vs. Michael Aquila

Showcasing a strong power base, Brandon Trout, was looking to keep total control over Michael Aquila in this bout. Throwing strikes and taking the fight to the ground, Brandon stayed on top of Michael, raining down punches. By covering up and working himself away from the strikes, Michael positioned himself to where he grabbed ahold of Trout’s leg and attempted a leg bar, transitioning to a heel hook. Trout had no other option but to tap in the first round to the pressure Michael Aquila was putting on his ankle.

Luke Holle vs. Keegan Blanco

The first of three title fights of the night, fighting for the amateur Flyweight Title the bout began with Luke Holle standing to trade strikes with the current champion, Keegan Blanco. As Holle threw a right overhand, Blanco dropped down and shot in for the takedown. Staying composed, Holle began to work his way out from under Blanco but was unsuccessful in finding a route. Progressing his position, Keegan Blanco found his way to half-guard and with all his weight on Holle’s neck, Holle was forced to tap in the first round.

Keilen Fantroy vs. Nate Morrow

Defending the Featherweight Title, we saw Nate Morrow earn his victory over Keilen Fantroy via rear naked choke in the very first round. The round began with Nate Morrow keeping distance, striking the leg of Keilen Fantroy. The fight was then pushed to the cage as Keilen came in with a flurry that forced Nate back against the cage, however, Nate was able to take the fight to the ground. After a quick struggle on the ground, Keilen found himself in a north-south position on the bottom of Nate where he rolled to his stomach and pushed to his feet. Nate Morrow was relentless. Able to stay on top of Keilen, after throwing a landing strike, Nate took the back of Keilen and sunk a rear naked choke to finish the fight.

Andy Carter vs. Keyes Nelson

Andy Carter stepped in the cage to face the dangerous Keyes Nelson that was not going to give up the title without a fight. Coming to the center of the cage, Keyes Nelson wanted to prove that he was still the champion against Andy Carter. Landing leg kicks and working around the cage, both men landed strikes that really showed the will of the fighters. In the second round, Andy Carter found his timing and rhythm against Keyes Nelson. Every strike that was thrown from Keyes, Andy answered with a jab that landed. With the timing down, Andy looked to end the fight in fashion. After Nelson threw a punch to his opponent who had his hands down, Carter landed a spinning back fist that knocked out the champion, ending the fight.

Full Fight Results

Cole Washburn wins via TKO in the 1st round

Austin Drabick wins via split decision

Brett Minner wins via submission in the 1st round

Zack Swahn wins via knockout in the 2nd round

Luke Williams wins via TKO in the 1st round

Robert Herrera wins via TKO in the 1st round

Ray Evans wins via Decision

Conner Jorgensen wins via TKO in the 1st round

Anthony Lott wins via submission in 1st round

Micheal Aquila wins via submission in the 1st round

Keegan Blanco wins via submission in the 1st round

Nate Morrow wins via submission in 1st round

Andy Carter wins via knockout in the 1st round

Dwight Joseph wins via TKO in the 1st round

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