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Making The Walk: Andy Carter

Andy Carter is coming off a win over Keyes Nelson taking the amateur Welterweight title August 12th, at the Dynasty Combat Sports: Turf Wars event. In devastating fashion, knocking out his opponent with a spinning back fist in the first round, I knew he was a fighter to keep an eye on. I got the chance to speak with Andy, talking about his next move and when the world will be able to see him compete next.

GB: So how long have you been training in the sport?

AC: It will be one year in October of this year.

GB: Wow only about a year, where did you start your training that started you on this path?

AC: I started my training at Black Hole MMA in Wyoming.

GB: You recently made the move to Lincoln, NE after your victory over Keyes Nelson. What made you want to do that?

AC: I wanted to make the move to better myself for my daughter.

GB: Very nice sir. I can understand that completely, are there any gyms that you have an interest in joining to continue your career?

AC: Yes, I have looked into Lincoln BJJ.

GB: Very good. So tell me what fighter has inspired you? Any fighter out there you enjoy to watch the most?

AC: Jon “Bones” Jones

GB: Why is he your favorite?

AC: He inspires me with all the hard work and dedication he put in to win his title back that was never taken from him in the first place.

GB: Any comment on the unfortunate news that Jones may have failed yet another drug test?

AC: It’s life, we all make mistakes but with that you can’t change how he has performed in the past inside the cage.

GB: So back to you sir. With such a devastating knockout, you looked very comfortable. Keeping your hands down through most of the exchanges, was that the strike you saw the opening for? Or can we expect more exciting strikes coming out of your arsenal in the future?

AC: I was originally looking for a spinning heel kick, but I feel no pressure inside the cage. I am very calm and collected, honestly Keyes Nelson was the first opponent I faced off that actually landed a strike to my face.

GB: When will you be making the walk to the cage again?

AC: September 1st for Dynasty Combat Sports in Omaha NE, for their Fist Fight event. My opponent will be Thien Truong who has a 3-1 record

GB: So are thinking about moving to become a professional fighter anytime soon?

AC: I’m definitely looking forward to it. I would like to get a few more fights in. I would like to be standing on at least 7 to 10 fights before making the move to pro. I am well on my way with 5 fights down right now.

GB: I like the sounds of that sir. Is there anything else we should know about Andy Carter?

AC: It is my goal to be the best of the best, and I am willing to take a fight from anybody. I have been working very hard this past year, and I am only getting better every single fight. I got something new coming out of the bag September 1st.

GB: Well I can’t wait to see it, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me.

Champ pic

Andy Carter after defeating Keyes Nelson for the  amatuer Welterweight Title

From everyone here at Chokehold MMA, We cannot wait to see Andy Carter’s progress as he moves through his MMA career. Be sure to catch the Dynasty Combat Sports: Fist Fight event. September 1st, at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, NE.


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