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Dynasty Combat Sports: Seasons Beatings 2017 Event Recap

December 9th, 2017 brought the annual Dynasty Combat Sports: Seasons Beatings event. Returning to Lincoln, NE at Pinnacle Bank Arena, believe me, it was an evening to be remembered.

The night opened with Brady Minner vs. Jeremane McCray. It began as an action-packed bout with Minner landing one furious knee after another. With only 34 seconds remaining in the 1st round, Brady Minner took home the win via TKO.

Up next, Michael Eddlemon vs. Cole Washburn. Early in the 1st round, Eddlemon landed some very heavy strikes and moved into position to win the bout via submission by guilotine choke until Washburn was able to escape the choke.  Late in the 2rd round, Cole Washburn found his range, landed two strikes, forcing Eddlemon to the ground. Washburn was relentless with strikes until the referee stopped the match, winning via TKO over the covered up fighter.

In my opinion, the next fight was the best of the night; Michael Whitaker vs. Josh Sciarappa. The crowd made a thunderous entrance for their hometown favorite, Michael Whitaker, who was making his debut in the Dynasty cage. The next 9 minutes was a war between both competitors. Once Michael Whitaker found an opening, he would capitalize on it and force Josh Sciarappa to cover up and evade to strike against him. Ultimately, in the end it was Michael Whitaker who registered the win.
Other great amateur bout results include:
-Darin Hanika vs. Jovan Gasper
Jovan Gasper wins via Unanimous Decision

-Diego Cuevas vs. Luke Williams
Luke Williams wins via TKO with 1 minute and 37 seconds remaining in the 1st round

-Keith KP vs. Zach Madsen
Zach Madsen wins via TKO in the 2nd round

-Austin Gowen vs. Ray “Spydaman” Evans
Ray “Spydaman” Evans wins via Decision

-Brandon Trout vs. Conner Jorgensen
Brandon Trout wins via 1st round submission making him the new Amateur Flyweight Champion

Sean Wilson vs. Tate Wright

Sean Wilson wins via guiliotine choke in round 1

The DCS Amateur Lightweight title match led the way into the main card. Brandon Meyer vs. Keilen Fantroy was unfortunately a quick match. Meyer wins the undisputed amateur Lightweight title in the 1st round with a win via rear naked choke.

Haris Talundzic vs. Keyes Nelson was one of the most highly anticipated fights of the night. On the night of the weigh-ins there was a heated stare down that resulted into a physical altercation between the fighters. Talundzic promised the crowd a knockout would happen within 25 seconds of the 1st round. He went on to dominate Keyes Nelson and won midway through the 1st round via rear naked choke becoming the new Amateur Welterweight Champion.

Next into the cage was Drew Lipton vs. Dakota Cochrane. After the opening bell and a quick glove touch the fight was very fast paced. Drew Lipton opened up with a leg quick that missed the mark with plenty of space between the two fighters. After the leg kick was unsuccesful Lipton shoots for a takedown and grabs the left leg of Cochrane. Falling to the canvass Dakota Cochrane jumped at the opportunity and wrapped up the neck of Lipton to finish the fight via guillotine choke in the first 21 seconds

In the co-main event of the night we saw the DCS Featherweight title go up for grabs with Jozette Cotton fighting out of Omaha, NE vs. Jennifer Norris fighting out of Parkville, MD. The match started off slow as Norris landed leg kicks throughout the 1st round. Cotton kept her distance and returned strikes as the opportunity arose. As the fight progressed into the championship rounds, Cotton and Norris fought a very hard battle, but in the end, it would be Jozette Cotton who landed the strike to end the fight via K.O in the 4th round.

As this year’s Seasons Beatings came to an end we finish with the main event of the evening- Chuka Willis fighting out of Emporia, KS vs. Darrick Minner fighting out of Nebraska City, NE.
The bout started with great energy but quickly came to an end with Darrick Minner taking down Chuka Willis, forcing him to tap out via guillotine choke.

Dynasty Combat Sports returns to Kearney, NE on January 6th, 2018 for their next event. Dynasty Combat Sports: New Year’s Knockouts will take place at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds.


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