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Seth Bass: “Good Luck Figuring Me Out!”

The Omaha native Seth Bass is on a 3 fight winning streak. Most recently finding success at VFC Fight Night Coco Key, where he secured a 2nd round victory via submission over Jeremiah Deever. Seth Bass also has another submission victory from Fight Night Harrah’s 5 event. Before turning pro Bass went 10-0 in the VFC as an amateur. Nine of those ten victories came from a submission, or knockout, or TKO. If that doesn’t say enough six of these nine finishes were within the first round. He then turned pro where he registered a 2nd round TKO over Timehin Babalola.

I spoke with Seth Bass before his upcoming fight and here is what he had to say.

GB: In your last outing you said that you feel you could have done better. What exactly did you mean from that statement?

SB: I’m able to beat any Welterweight out here. My striking has improved leaps and bounds, It just didn’t show when I got in the cage. When I get in there I know I should dominate, and last fight I didn’t dominate the way I should.

GB: Is there anything new you have been working on since your last bout?

SB: The one thing I’ve been working on is having purpose with my strikes. Setting my opponent up to get hurt!

GB: How long was your preparation for this contest?

SB: I had a great 8 week camp! Lots of running, striking, adapting, and learning!

GB: Did you switch anything up in camp?

SB: Nothing changed this camp. I may have sparred a little harder, but that’s because I’m a meaner fighter now. When I get in the zone I can be mean and I do some gangster s***!

GB: Your fighting Willie Whitehead next, is there anything you have a concern with in his fighting style? He seems he can land a ko or win by submission so far in his career.

SB: I’m not fighting Willie, Willie’s fighting me! He has to deal with what I bring to the table, and I’m not like any other fighter. Good luck figuring me out!

GB: How do you see this fight coming to a close? What round and how?

SB: I’m not gonna pick a round or how I’m gonna do it but trust me, it will be a finish! If you can go one round your lucky! If you go two, you may have some skills. If it goes to round three his body will break, his chin will give, or he will tap out! Trust me he can’t keep up. This will be fun!

GB: If you were standing in front of Willie right now, is there something special you would want him to know or say?

SB: Tell Charlie I said hands up and chin tucked! I’m coming for your head, and your body! I will hurt you, then I’ll break you, and chose when I wanna finish you!

GB: What can we expect from Seth Bass December 16th?

SB: The best fighter you have ever seen! Future World Champ!


Tickets for VFC 59 are available at www.ticketmaster.com.

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