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VFC 59: The Champs Are Here

Yuri Villefort and Raufeon Stots retain their titles with ease in the main and co-main event Saturday night in Omaha, NE.

In the main event Raufeon “Supa” Stots (9-1) couldn’t of asked for a better birthday gift then a quick victory over his opponent. At 4:36 of round one Stots commanded Arnold Berdon to the ground where he was able to sink in a rear naked choke. We saw Raufeon win the title against Rob Emerson were he earned the Bantamweight title via unanimous decision.


Photo provided by VICTORY FC

In the co-main event, Yuri Villefort (11-5) defended his title taking on the veteran Victor Moreno. Yuri Villefort made quick work of his opponent within the first 29 seconds of round one. The two met in the center of the cage but it was Villefort who countered a wild-swinging Moreno with a strong right hand. Victor Moreno lost his footing and slipped to the mat with his neck exposed, Yuri Villefort swarmed Moreno and locked in a guillotine choke to end the fight.


Photo Provided By VICTORY FC

Opening the VFC 59 event, talented prospect Austin “AK 47” Vanderford (4-0) registered a second round victory over Kenny Licea via a rear naked choke. In a flurry, a well placed knee strike caused some damage to Vanderford, causing the fight to look as if the ending result could of been different. Austin Vanderford would later recover and look to end the fight in the first round with a head-and-arm choke, but Licea would survive to see round 2. The second round came to an end at 4:03 where Vanderford transitioned to full mount and a desperate Licea turned, giving up his back and then tapping out to a rear naked choke.


Photo Provided By VICTORY FC

What followed was an action packed war between two Nebraska natives and former rivals as amateurs. In the Lightweight division Troy Nawrocki (3-0) and Tower Robinson (1-1) met inside the cage as professionals to see who is the better man. Tower Robinson, while always stepping forward, he was looking for the knockout. Throwing some very heavy hands, but it was Troy who took the advantage from the outside and timing a number of body kicks to win by unanimous decision over his rival Tower Robinson.


Photo Provided By VICTORY FC

Continuing to rise up in the Victory square cage, Bryce Logan (8-2) earned his fourth straight win over the Sioux Falls native Josh Pfeifer (6-4). Bryce Logan takes home the unanimous decision from the judges scorecards.

Logan 59

Photo Provided By VICTORY FC

Coming up with one of the biggest upsets of the night, Scott Futrell adds another win to his record in impressive fashion. Scott Futrell (7-5) was a late replacement for the hometown favorite Seth Bass (4-2). In the first round Scott Futrell found himself in a position to finish the fight with a barrage of strikes from the top. Seth Bass would see the second round but would not last. The St. Louis native, Scott Futrell would land a vicious standing elbow to the right side of Bass’ head that would drop him to the canvas. The referee had no choice but to end the fight at 17 seconds of the round 2.


Photo Provided By VICTORY FC

Minnesota’s very own Dan Moret (13-3) would come to take another win from the Omaha crowd. Dan Moret would face off against the Midwest veteran Alonzo Martinez (41-19-1). At 1:39 of the first round Dan Moret would take the opportunity to move from the full mount and take the back of Martinez where he found success in a rear naked choke to finish the fight.


Photo Provided By VICTORY FC





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